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Storytelling Rituals

Expedition Rajasthan

Ethnographic Fieldwork

This expedition is not about taking photographs from a distance;

it's about engaging in meaningful interactions and building genuine relationships with peoples that live a very different life from our own.

🗓️ 19th-30th August 2024 (12D/11N)

This 12-day ethnographic expedition will intimately take you through the worldviews of the Bhil and Rabari tribes of Rajasthan, where you will have the privilege to witness, document and partake in sacred rituals rarely seen by outsiders.

You will learn how to document and interpret cultural practices, traditions, and daily life, using ethnographic research methods that respect and honor indigenous ways of seeing and experiencing the world.


Learn how to apply this knowledge in your life, work and travels!

OPEN TO ALL: The expedition is open to everyone over +18 with no age limit. No background in anthropology required.

$3,500 USD

Package includes:​

  • Fieldwork training, workshops, and guidance from anthropology experts;

  • 4 & 5  Heritage Properties;

  • Freshly cooked meals;

  • Domestic flights and private transport;

  • Snacks & Refreshments;

  • Entrance fees to historic monuments;

  • Permission Certificates to enter indigenous and restricted areas.


  • International flights;

  • Visa fees;

  • Personal shopping;

  • Travel & Medical insurance.

Establishing Rapport

Learn the art of connecting with indigenous communities, understanding their values, and building trust that allows for meaningful engagement.

Fieldwork Ethics

Learn the ethics that guide anthropologists and researchers when working with indigenous communities, ensuring that your engagement respects their identity, traditions, and voices. 

Storytelling & Dissemination

Explore the responsible and ethical ways to share the stories and knowledge gathered during your journey. Learn how to create a platform for indigenous voices to be heard!




Pre-Fieldwork Training

  • Session 1: Virtual Campfire Introductions & Expedition Briefing

  • Session 2: Introduction to Ethnographic Fieldwork

  • Session 3: Workshop on Research Ethics


Arrival in India

  • Pickup at Delhi Airport & transfer to Hotel.

  • Informal meet-up.

  • Rest.


Rajasthan (Workshop & Acclimatisation)

  • Domestic Flight to Jodhpur

  • Welcome session

  • Free afternoon to acclimatise

  • Workshop: Ethnographic Methods I


Urban Ethnography

  • Cultural Visit to Jodhpur Fort

  • Ethnographic Methods II

  • Live Folk Music


Fieldwork #1 (Observation & Documentation)

  • Fieldwork: witness and document the first day of ritual performances.

  • Workshop: group discussion, exchange of ideas, preparation for next day...


Fieldwork #2 (Observation & Documentation)

  • Cultural Visit to the ancient Jain Temple

  • Fieldwork: stay back at the village and witness the women's rituals.

  • Workshop: group discussion, exchange of ideas, preparation for next day.


Fieldwork #3 (Observation & Documentation)

  • Fieldwork: witness and document the dramatic rituals in a third village.

  • Fieldwork: conduct interviews & interactive session with performers.

  • Workshop: group discussion, analysis, and feedback.


Fieldwork #4 (Participant Observation)

  • Village immersion: spend the day with a nomadic Rabari family.

  • Actively participate in the daily rituals of the village.


Analysis & Dissemination (Workshop)

  • Rest by the pool and introspect on your fieldwork.

  • Workshop: Ethical Dissemination and the Art of Storytelling.

  • Live Folk Music!


Ethnographic Sightseeing (The Art of Travel)

  • Explore the vibrant century-old vegetable market like a local.

  • Guided Cultural Walk through the old streets of Udaipur.

  • Special guided visit to the City Palace.


Expedition Debrief

  • Group Feedback session

  • Showcasing of documented materials

  • Issuing of Certificates


Trip Extension to The Taj Mahal (optional)

  • Send-off to leaving participants.

  • The rest of the group drives to Agra.


The Anthropological Mysteries of Taj Mahal

  • Anthropological Field-trip to the Taj Mahal during sunrise.

  • Drive to New Delhi.

  • Send-off to remaining participants (or extra night of rest).

PHOTO-2023-10-18-09-38-21 2.jpg
PHOTO-2023-10-18-09-38-44 3_edited.jpg

The ethos of this expedition is one of reciprocity — a two-way exchange of knowledge, respect, and understanding.

Expedition Leaders

Led by two international researchers with extensive experience in working with indigenous communities across the globe, this expedition transcends the boundaries of traditional cultural tourism, offering a profound and immersive experience.

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