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Expedition Amazon

This expedition is not about taking photographs from a distance, it's about building relationships with people that live a very different life from our own.

Participate in ancestral shamanic rituals  facilitated by the village shaman and be taken on a journey of healing, recovery and re-connection.

🗓️ 1st - 8th  June 2024 (8D/7N)

The indigenous peoples of the Amazon are aware of our modern disconnection with the natural world. They know our society is ill — and they are on a mission to help us out of our mindless consumerism and intolerance for human differences.


The Noke Kuin people have decided to open their doors to those who want to sit down, learn, and heal. This is a rare opportunity to embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery through their ancestral repertoire of medicines (guided by the Shaman).

This 8-day ethnographic healing expedition will intimately take you through the worldviews of the Noke Kuin people of the Brazilian Amazon, where you will have the privilege to witness, document and partake in sacred rituals rarely seen by outsiders.

During your healing retreat, you will also learn how to document and interpret cultural practices, traditions, and daily life, using ethnographic research methods that respect and honor indigenous ways of seeing and experiencing the world.


Recharge yourself with Amazonian healing medicines and learn how to apply your new ethnographic knowledge in your life, work and travels!

OPEN TO ALL: The expedition is open to everyone over +18 with no age limit.

No background in anthropology required.

Price: Fill form at the end of the page.

Package includes:​

  • Village donation to support food-security;

  • All Indigenous Medicines;

  • 1-on-1 healing with village Shaman;

  • Fieldwork training, workshops, and guidance from anthropology experts;

  • Village stay & freshly cooked meals;

  • Airport Pickup & Drop-Off;

  • Permission Certificate for restricted area.


  • International flights;

  • Visa fees;

  • Purchase of Handicrafts;

  • Travel & Medical insurance.

Shamanic Healing Rituals

Participate in ancestral healing rituals  facilitated by the village shaman. Through their indigenous medicines and shamanic practices, you will be taken on a journey of healing, recovery and re-connection.

Establishing Rapport

Learn how to meaningfully connect with indigenous communities, understand their values, and build trust that allows for meaningful engagement.

Fieldwork Ethics

Learn the ethics that guide anthropologists and researchers when working with indigenous communities, ensuring that your engagement respects their identity, traditions, and voices. 

Storytelling & Dissemination

Explore the responsible and ethical ways to share the stories and knowledge gathered during your journey. Learn how to create a platform for indigenous voices to be heard!



Pre-Fieldwork Training

  • Session 1: Introductions & Expedition Briefing

  • Session 2: Amazonian Cosmologies

  • Session 3: Workshop on Ethnographic Fieldwork & Research Ethics


Arrival in the Amazon

  • Morning: Pickup at Cruzeiro do Sul Airport (Acre) & transfer to the village;

  • Morning: Community reception;

  • Morning: Sananga & Rapé purification rituals;

  • Afternoon: Shower in the river;

  • Afternoon: Acclimatisation;

  • Evening: Rest.


Initiation Into the Community

  • Morning: Opening of the retreat with the jenipapo body painting for protection;

  • Morning: Traditional singing circle with the entire Noke Kuin community;

  • Afternoon: Medicinal herb bath in the forest with the village shaman;

  • Afternoon: Ethnographic Methods I

  • Evening: Ayahuasca ceremony.


Participate in the Village Life

  • Morning: Breakfast and rest until noon;

  • Morning Ethnographic Methods II

  • Afternoon: enjoy your free time participating in the life of an Amazonian village;

  • Evening: Storytelling circle with village shaman.


Fishing, Rainforest Walk, Medicinal Plants and Healing

  • Morning: Fishing with the community using traditional methods;

  • Afternoon: Rapé Medicine Circle;

  • Afternoon: Rainforest walk to learn about medicinal plants with the village shaman;

  • Evening: Ayahuasca Ceremony with 1on1 healing with the shaman.


Cleansing, Shamanic Oracles and Storytelling

  • Morning: Breakfast and rest;

  • Afternoon: Mud bath and medicinal herb smudging;

  • Afternoon: Personal oracle and guidance with the village shaman;

  • Evening: Storytelling about the past, present and future of the Noke Kuin people;

  • Evening: Open Q&A to the community.


Rebirth, Hunting and Village Feast

  • Morning: Kambô medicine;

  • Morning / Afternoon: Hunting Expedition;

  • Evening: enjoy food celebrations with the community.


Witness, Document, and Participate in Ancestral Rites

  • Morning: Body painting, music and dance circle with the community;

  • Afternoon: Sananga and rapé circle;

  • Afternoon: Participate in Amazonian ancestral games;

  • Closing ceremony with Ayahuasca.


Community Farwell

  • Rest;

  • Expedition debrief;

  • Community farewell;

  • Drop-off at the airport.


The ethos of this expedition is one of reciprocity — a two-way exchange of knowledge, respect, and understanding.

Expedition Leaders

Led by two international researchers with extensive experience in working with indigenous communities across the globe, this expedition transcends the boundaries of traditional cultural tourism, offering a profound and immersive experience.

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